Fiona Kate Morgan

Data analysis

Data is the foundation of all technology; whether you want to understand your users' behaviour, find out which features are the most popular, train machine learning models, set KPIs, track conversions... and basically anything else, you need good data. I can help design the data model, implement it and then turn that data into useful visualisations.

What I can help with...

  • Structuring your data
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Statistical analysis
  • Training ML models
  • Data visualisation and dashboards
  • Conversational intelligence
  • ​AB testing
  • ​R
  • Python
  • HuggingFace
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Firebase
  • Tableau
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics

Why me?

  • Undergraduate degree in Mathematics
  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence (2024)
  • Working with customer focussed data for 10+ years
  • Previously the editorial data lead for Beeb (BBC's chatbot)
  • Data lead for Voice Arcade
  • Extensive experience building data-driven iOS games
  • Knowledge of GDPR and ethical data collection

My work in data...



AI Product - Conversation Design Lead



Senior producer / Product manager

A* inCritical Analysis of Modern Data

MSc Artificial Intelligence

Brunel University (2024)

A+ inQuantitative Data Analysis

MSc Artificial Intelligence

Brunel University (2024)

A+ inData Visualisation

MSc Artificial Intelligence

Brunel University (2024)