Fiona Kate Morgan

AI & data ethics

Data collection is needed for products, it helps us better understand the users, give them more personalised content and train better algorithms but too many companies don't truly consider the impact that collecting that data can have. As a key member of NatWest Cora's AI panel, I'm experienced in asking the right questions to make you think about data use in your project and the implications it could have. This helps to foresee any potential issues and build a safer, inclusive product.

What I can help with...

  • Data collection consent
  • Data & algorithm impact assessments
  • Understanding bias, including implicit bias, in data

Why me?

  • Key member of the AI Ethics panel at NatWest Cora
  • Helped to design the NatWest Cora Ethics framework and process
  • Acted in my role on the ethics panel for multiple products
  • Completed and ran workshops during my time at the BBC on the ethics of personalisation
  • Been explicitly clear in the use and collection of all data in my own products, reducing the data collection to the minimum needed, and anonymous where possible
  • Completing ethics modules as part of my MSc Artificial Intelligence

My work in ethics...



AI Ethics board member



Senior producer / Product manager

Interactive news chatbots

BBC Newsbeat