Fiona Kate Morgan


Alexa, Siri, Google Home... voice assistants are everywhere but there's more to 'voice' than most people consider. Creating content 'voice-first' adds a layer of accessibility to your product and opens you up to many more users. 

What I can help with...

  • Writing voice-first
  • Connecting to voice assistants
  • Building Alexa skills
  • Amazon Alexa
  • SiriKit (Apple)
  • Voiceflow

Why me?

  • Designed and built voice content for millions of listeners at BBC Radio 1, BBC Sport, BBC News & BBC Comedy
  • Launched the world's first Voice gaming subscription, Voice Arcade, at
  • Awarded the accolade of Alexa Champion
  • Organised and ran the UK's first Women in Voice meetup
  • Currently the AI Conversation strategy lead at NatWest Cora, which I'm leading on a project to redesign content and interaction model from the ground up to work for voice

My work in voice...

"Alexa, Take me to the World Cup"

BBC Sport


"Alexa, give me a BBC Late Night Laugh"

BBC Comedy


"Alexa, ask the BBC What's My Age Again"

BBC Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James

Product Lead and Producer